Introduction – Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center

With an objective of scaling up skill development and entrepreneurship initiatives, Incubation Center in LNCT college was being operated from last few years. This Incubation Center of Bhopal plays a vital role as organization that accelerates and systematizes the process of creating successful enterprises by providing them with a comprehensive and integrated range of support, including: incubator space, business support services, and clustering and networking opportunities and will generate a steady flow of new businesses with above average job and wealth creation potential.

This center is in operation from 3rdMarch 2015 and a range of services have been offered to the incubatees, customized to the needs of them.  By helping new businesses prosper, we assist in creating long-lasting jobs for their host communities. We help creating long-lasting jobs for new graduates, experienced mid-career personnel, and veteran executives. This benefits communities and drives economic growth. The Innovation Center provides start-up companies with open concept office space with all of the necessary office supplies to get your business up and running. Having office space to be able to run your business is extremely important in the success of any business.

This Incubation Center is a mixed of Business Incubator and Technology Business Incubator. The objectives of this Incubation center includes:

  • Economic development,
  • Innovation &Venture creation,
  • Technology transfer,
  • Technology commercialization,
  • Increases in new firm formation,
  • Creation of new and sustainable jobs,
  • Acceleration of business growth/development of fast-track companies,
  • Reduction in the failure rate of new enterprises,
  • Creating value for stakeholders,
  • Empowerment/opportunities for specific groups of entrepreneurs, and
  • Development of an entrepreneurial culture

Vision and Mission of Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center

Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development cell has been globally recognized as an important tool for job creation and economic development. Technology based new enterprises are high risk and high growth ventures, and require an enabling environment to enhance the prospects of their success.

Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Centre 1

This center works with a focused mission of building an ecosystem to incubate and support innovative ideas in the region to enact wealth and employment action through successful startups and to nurture technology and knowledge based ventures through their start-up phase by providing the necessary support.



Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Centre 2


The futuristic vision of being a center of excellence that fosters synergy between the academia and the industry that fuels entrepreneurial spirit and inculcates research bent of mind among students to help them to be self-reliant and contribute to the nation building.




  • Administrative Rooms
  • Administrative room along with storage
  • Conference Rooms
  • AV facility- 15 to 20 people & Meeting Room
  • Workstations with space for interaction: 40-50 Startups
  • Lounge and waiting area
  • Office space for companies, Plug and Play Business model, Space for common facilities (Photocopier, Printer etc.)
  • Laboratories
  • Pantry Area
  • Washrooms


This center is headed by Dr. Anuj Garg, who works as a Director at Kalchuri-LNCT Group Incubation Center. We have a team of 6 dedicated staff, including director, CEO, Startup manager, Event Coordinator, Startup Consultant and Student coordinator.

Team can be contacted at the email address