International Conference on innovative and emerging trends

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May 10, 2022

Recent Trends in Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering such as Intelligent Systems, Smart Systems, Cognitive Computing provide a path to achieve Artificial Intelligence. Cognitive Computing represents self-learning Intelligent Systems that utilize Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Transfer Learning and all related learning Models to simulate the human brain So that eventually, Certain automatic Intelligent Systems can be created that can work without human assistance. Fundamental concept behind automated learning and the intelligent systems is to handle huge amount of inputs without human intervention. The objective of the conference is to put Together the researchers to work towards interdisciplinary Domains in Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering. Artificial Intelligence and Industry 4.0 is moving towards intelligent systems to give better solution to mankind. In this context, it is Necessary to Provide the Platform for Rigorous Discussion and Exhibit of International Innovative Ideas for This Topic. The Conference Is Planned to Do This. This Conference Will Provide Advantages to the Students to Exhibit Their Original Work in the Form of Posters, Papers on International Platform for Their Futuristic Approach. Faculty Members Need to Be Upgraded Always Along With Evolving Technologies. This Conference Will Give Advantages to the Faculty Members to Contribute the Research Work Along With Their Research Scholars and Explore the Emerging Areas in the Domains

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