Colourful Attire Week Day -3 Green

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April 12, 2023
On the third day of Srishti 2k23’s Colourful Attire Week, the campus was transformed into a verdant oasis as students from LNCT Group of Colleges embraced the theme of Green Day, showcasing their love for nature and sustainability! 🌱👕💚💪
The campus was adorned with various shades of green as students donned eco-friendly outfits and expressed their commitment to environmental conservation through their fashion choices. 🌟🟢👚👗
Students were seen posing with potted plants and engaging in eco-friendly activities, such as planting saplings and participating in clean-up drives, spreading awareness about the importance of going green. 🌍🌿📸😊
The hashtag #GreenDay was trending on social media as students shared their eco-friendly initiatives, inspiring others to join the movement for a greener future. 📱📈🌱
The management students once again led by example, incorporating sustainable fashion choices into their green-themed ensembles, showcasing their commitment to responsible fashion. 👨‍💼👩‍💼💼🕶️
The campus buzzed with enthusiasm as students celebrated their love for nature, fostering a sense of eco-consciousness and responsibility towards the environment. 🌱👕💚🎉
With each passing day, the Colourful Attire Week at Srishti 2k23 continues to be a platform for creativity, expression, and sustainability, as students eagerly await the upcoming themed days with a sense of purpose and eco-friendly spirit! 🤩🌈🌱
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