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Industry Testimonials 1

Industry Testimonials | LNCT Group of Colleges

Association with Major Companies

Tata Consultancy Services – TCS has done the first campus in LNCT in 2001 and we were the first college in country to sign Academic Interface Program for industry institute collaboration .LNCT also became the first private Engg.College in state to be Accredited by TCS in 2004 and further at B Level in 2012.TCS has been organizing a series of FDP and SDP in the college on regular basis in addition they also sponsor Best student and Best Projects award to 4 best projects.

Cognizant Technology Solutions – CTS has been our bulk recruiter of Day 1 and a good number of students of all branches join Cognizant to make their career in IT .Cognizant organizes a series of student development program in technical, attitude and behavioral areas to make the students Industry ready.They also award the Best Student and Faculty every year and sponsor various college festivals.

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