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Corporate Social Responsibility

In this covid-19 Pandemic situation, JK Hospital and LN Medical College, Medical Education Unit of LNCT Group, is standing tall to provide all the support to patients admitted in the hospital. J K Hospital was chosen by the Govt. for the treatment of covid-19 patient in 2020 when this pandemic started spreading in India in 2020. Like always serving the society in past and always ready to serve the society, The LNCT Group management took this opportunity to serve the people of society as their social responsibility as a corporate. LNCT Group started serving people who are in trouble and got positive with Covid-19 virus. The Management motivated the Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical staff and all the frontend warriors to give their best to the patients so that patients can reduce their trouble and fight Corona with full enthusiasm and come out as Corona Winner. The Doctors, Nurses and all paramedical and frontend warriors including the cleaning staff have created an environment of in which the patients are feeling at home and are being provided with all the amenities required to reduce their stress. They are working round the clock in shifts. Neat and Clean atmosphere in the wards with pleasant smile and caretaking behaviors of doctors, makes the patient confident of winning this fight. Hygienic protein rich fresh meal with milk, fruits, juice and eggs fulfils patient’s need of recommended diet during fight with corona. The Management of LNCT Group is supervising all the processes by daily visiting the hospital in this rapidly increasing covid-19 cases situation also, which shows their devotion and dedication against the fight with Covid-19. Despite all the risk of getting Corona positive, their dedicated involvement 24×7 in this fight is remarkable and boost morale of all the frontend warriors indulge in this fight. The management is arranging all the required equipment and amenities for this fight. Anyone would have not seen any owner of the hospital sitting in the Oxygen plant agency for getting the cylinder filled for their patients when the oxygen problem was at peak. Recently an Oxygen storage unit has been installed and started working to cater to required daily need. The Dedication of management and frontend warriors of JK Hospital is spreading smile on Covid-19 patients and creating a milestone in Covid-19 Treatment in Bhopal. The Corona winners are boosting the moral and enthusiasm of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical and all frontend warriors and they again with fresh motivation are treating the new patients. This is made possible because of the full dedicated involvement of the Management/Owner, their motivation and full support to all the stakeholders in this fight. Here are some of the feedbacks from the patients got discharged after winning the fight against corona.

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