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T&P Department - Clubs

1. AIESEC: With this T&P Department conducting sessions with AIESEC Local Chapters like International University Volunteer Exchange Program, Leadership Development, Public Speaking.
2. Corporate Club: This club conducts sessions of Corporate Leaders, Alumni Talks, MNCs CSR activities with GDSC & MLSA communities, Placed students interaction with juniors and many more. The main motto of Corporate Club is to fill the Industry-Academic gaps.
3. TEDx Club : The TEDx Club is responsible for conducting TEDx talks at LNCT Group.
4. T&P Volunteer Club : This club is responsible for conducting T&P Events like Mock Interviews, Online Assessments, Group Discussions and many  more. The motto of T&P Volunteer Club to help students in terms of Placement specific learnings.
5. CII Yi Club : LNCT CII-Yi Club is conducting sessions and awareness campaigns under guidance of Yi Leaders. Student EC council take lead at college level with College Nodal Officers.
6. Go Global Club : Go Global Club is responsible to provide Global exposures for Higher Studies in International University and Jobs in foreign countries. Conducting talks with Global Alumnus of LNCT Group, communities helping students for Global Exposure.
7. MUN Club : LNCT MUN Club is conducting MUN events at LNCT Group under Model United Nation, arrange leaders’ talks on Global issues and awareness about the same among youth.

T&P Department - Clubs & Reports

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