Department of Engineering Physics


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Department of Engineering Physics

Department of Engineering Physics was started in the year 1994 with an intake of 180 students and has reputation in academics among the institute across the country. The department has adequate, qualified and experienced faculty in cadre ratios for present intake. Faculty of Department of Engineering Physics engaged in teaching of the following subjects:

  • Engineering Physics (BT-2001)
  • EEES (BS-3001) for undergraduate program B. Tech.

The department has well equipped Physics Lab with Experimental kits and Instruments like Plank’s constants set-up, Gas LASER, Optical Fiber, Hall Effect, G.M. Counter, Optical and Semiconductor devices kit etc.

Department of Engineering Physics

The broad areas of research in the department of Engineering Physics are:

  • Plasma Physics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Condensed matter Physics
  • Space Science
  • Polymers Nano-composites

Following are the responsibilities of faculty members :

  • Faculty in-charge of first year students
  • Mentors of first year students
  • Members of anti-ragging committee
  • Members of R&D Cell
  • Members of Alumni Cell
  • Conduction of Seminars/conferences
  • Conduction of induction program, cultural and co-curricular activities
  • Editorial board members of annual newsletters “Voice of LNCT”.

Faculties are encouraged in research and publish research papers in the field of Plasma Physics, Nanotechnology, Material Science and Space Science.. Newsletter “Voice of LNCT” is published annually by the department. Orientation programs and cultural activities are regularly conducted.