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LNCT Innovation and Start-up Policy

With the vision of the LNCT of being a premier institute where engineering education and research converge to produce engineers as responsible citizens, LNCT has been excelling in providing engineering education, promoting innovations and creativity among its students and faculties. At LNCT, both the students and faculty members are continuously motivated and supported in carrying out innovations and bring significant technological solutions to fulfill the requirements of fast changing world.

With the initiative of implementing Startup plan of Government of India, LNCT has taken the responsibility of making its own policy according to the guidelines of the National Innovation and Start-up policy, NISP-2019 for promoting the innovative ventures of the students and faculty members. In this context a committee coordinated by Dr. V. N. Bartaria, Professor, Mechanical Engineering framed the policy after several rounds of brainstorming sessions, meetings and discussions. The relevant facets of innovation, startup and entrepreneurship have been covered in the policy for the transformation of incubating ideas of innovative minds of students and faculty members into startup and business reality.




Meeting of Policy Implementation Team



Meeting for policy implementation schedule and planning.


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