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National Service Scheme

NSS LNCT is driven by a dedicated workforce of student and faculty volunteers. These volunteers actively involve themselves in social development activities.

The motto of the National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) is “Not Me, But You”, This expresses the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless services and appreciation of another man’s point of view and also show consideration for fellow human beings. The aim of the  to demonstrate this motto in its day-to-day activities. National Service Scheme, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, popularly known as NSS was launched in Gandhiji’s Birth Centenary Year 1969, in 37 Universities involving 40,000 students with primary focus on the development of personality of students through community service. Today, NSS has more than 3.2 million student volunteers on its roll spread over 298 Universities and 42 (+2) Senior Secondary Councils and Directorate of Vocational Education all over the country. From its inception, more than 3.75 crore students from Universities, Colleges and Institutions of higher learning have been benefited from the NSS activities, as student volunteers.

The major activities & achievements by NSS LNCT in 2012 -2013  :

  •  Dene ka sukh: On the Appeal of Dainik Bhaskar Group, a collection of about 10 quintal grains (Wheat, Rice, Pulses, Khichdi) was done by NSS Volunteers from staff and students & was given to the vriddhaashrams, slums, & sos bal gram.
  •  World AIDS Day : NSS LNCT organized poster, debate, & quiz competition on the occasion of world Aids Day.
  •  Vriksha Ropan: On the Appeal of Nav Duniya Group, plantation of different types of plants was done by NSS Volunteers in the campus & outside the campus as well.
  •  NSS Camp: 7 Days NSS CAMP was organized in Adampur village from 11.03.2013 to 17.03.2013, NSS volunteers worked hard day and night to ensure that every one in our society who is needy gets the every possible help from them so that they can also enhance their standards and lead a life of dignity in the society with all of us. In doing so, the volunteers themselves learnt a lot from the people in villages like how to struggle and how to lead a happy life in the extreme scarcity of resources and so on. Personality development through social service. The different social activities done by the NSS Volunteers.
  •  Ms.Ayushi Jain (IT V Sem) Won 2nd Prize, On State Level Debate Competition, Organized By NSS BU & Unicef


On the 10th day of October, village Sagoni Kalan was witness to a one day special camp of LNCT NSS unit. NSS volunteers undertook various activities such as cleaning of drainage system, repairing of hand pumps and teaching students at school. They also made some efforts in the direction of making the village polythene free. Volunteers established cordial rapport with the villagers in order to educate them about government policies and various diseases.
During the intellective session Dr. U. S. Sharma, Senior Scientist and Mr. Ashish Pare, Science Communicator, Madhya Pradesh Vigyan Sabha, inspired the volunteers to include science in their everyday routine through some enlightening examples. Towards the conclusion, Secretary of LNCT group Dr. Anupam Chouksey and OSD Dr. Ashok Kumar Rai appreciated the works and inspired students to continue such endeavors in future.

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