Quest Nature Club Participation on WWF India Event

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October 2, 2022
Quest Nature Club Participation:
WWF India (MP&CG) has organized two events at 2 Oct 2022: Bhoj wetland visit at Vanvihaar national park , Bhopal on the occasion of Wildlife Week celebrations and a special talk (Online) of Dr. Pankaj Koparde as part of the Dragonfly Festival.
Members of QNC, LNCT GROUP have actively participated in both events.
Some dragonfly species have witnessed the extinction of the dinosaurs; but today, their own existence is under threat.
Odonates (dragonflies & damselflies) are indicator species; they are temperature-sensitive and are useful in studying the impact of climate change.
Object was students will be able to understand how Climate Change affects the most successful predator & other species on the planet .
Admission Open