Earth Hour 2022

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March 26, 2022

Earth Hour 2022. 🌍
Since its inception, Earth Hour has been the most significant environmental movement where the world stands still for the planet for one hour. Globally people come together on the last Saturday of March and make a symbolic gesture of ‘switching off’ all non-essential lights.
This year, it is on Saturday, 26th March, from 8:30 – 9:30 pm. 🕗

Wondering how you can participate this year in the largest people-powered movement of the year? We’ve got you covered! Come join us this Earth Hour and together lets Shape Our Future.

We can participate in this movement as LNCT FAMILY, Yes ! You can keep the light (non-essential) off at your home for one hour and during this you can play any indoor games /Talk to the elders in your house/do whatever creative you can, & yes don’t forget to send these photographs to us at , we will share it on social sites and also take a pledge to reduce the wastage of electricity and water at our workplace.

Let us pledge to make our planet a better place. switch off all non-essential lights during this special hour, Raise that finger and let the world know its power!

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