Electric Vehicle Powertrain & Integration

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July 1, 2024

Enroll in our Certification Program in Electric Vehicle Powertrain & Integration! Master the skills needed to excel in the evolving EV industry and drive your career forward. Don’t miss out – join now and be part of the electric revolution!

About the Program

The Electric Vehicle Powertrain program is a comprehensive course designed to integrate key components of electric vehicles, including electric machine design, battery pack modeling, battery management systems (BMS), speed control, charging connectors, and communication protocols such as OCPP and CSMS. This program leverages MATLAB simulations to enable detailed powertrain modeling and battery pack design. Additionally, hands-on training sessions focus on practical skills through connections for 2- and 3-wheeler powertrains.

Software Simulation

  • MATLAB Modeling of Electrical Vehicle Powertrain
  • MATLAB Modeling of Battery Pack Design

Hands-on Training

  • 2-Wheeler Powertrain Connection
  • 3-Wheeler Powertrain Connection

Program Details

  • Start Date: 05th July 2024
  • Cost: INR 3500 per Student

Learning Outcomes

  • Electric Machine Design & Industry Prospects: Gain insights into the design of electric machines and their applications in the industry.
  • Battery Pack Design & Modeling: Learn the principles of battery pack design and the methods for creating accurate models.
  • Battery Management System (BMS): Understand the components and functioning of BMS in electric vehicles.
  • Speed Control Methods: Explore various methods for controlling the speed of electric vehicles.
  • EV Charging Connectors: Learn about different types of EV charging connectors and their uses.
  • Communication Protocols (OCPP & CSMS): Study the communication protocols crucial for EV charging infrastructure, including OCPP and CSMS.

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