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September 9, 2023
On September 9th, 2023, LNCT GROUP, in collaboration with the District Police Fire Station in Bhopal, MP, organized a Fire Safety Demonstration. The event aimed to raise awareness about fire safety among college students, staff, and the local community.
Key Elements:
Date and Organizer: LNCT GROUP organized a Fire Safety Demonstration in collaboration with the District Police Fire Station on September 9, 2023.
Educate participants about fire hazards, prevention, and safety measures.
Showcase the role and capabilities of the District Fire Station in handling fire emergencies.
Promote a culture of safety and preparedness in the college and local community.
Schedule of Events:
11:15 AM: Introduction and Welcome by Shri R K Mishra and Shri Jaspal Sharma Ji.
11:30 AM: Presentation on Fire Safety covering various aspects.
11:45 AM: Practical Demonstration of fire safety techniques and equipment.
12:20 PM: Q&A Session to address participants’ questions and doubts.
12:45 PM: Closing Ceremony with expressions of gratitude and emphasis on fire safety.
Significant turnout, including students and faculty members from LNCT&S, LNCT GROUP, Bhopal.
Approximately 345 students and teachers from CSE Cyber Security, CSE AIML, and CSE participated in the event.
Admission Open